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Why should you download Contact Mind?


  • Contact Mind is a free app that fits your daily needs.
  • The intelligent QR code helps you to transfer new contacts to your phone in a few seconds only, with great transparency, and to share your virtual visit card
  • The organigram helps you to organise your contacts the way that fits you better, according to your own logic.
  • Sharing your mind maps increases the efficiency of your projects.
  • The app works online or offline.
  • Search using a competence tag or a specific group in your organisation chart.
  • Modifying groups or contacts can be easily done with our intelligent technology.


How is Contact Mind different from other apps?

Contact Mind app helps you to visualise your contacts on the map of your mobile phone, so you can easily find the people in your ‘customised mind’ structure. Contact Mind adopts a stylish, modern, functional design. Our app also allows you to not only scan contacts into your phone, but also to share them in your organigram with others!

It works even if you’re offline. In addition to this, you can add tags to your contacts to streamline searches, as well as the user-friendly navigation that allows you to easily edit your contacts or groups.